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Somebody who used to like screamo, got into the Dubstep scene in 2010 and now will only listen to a tune if it has been made using an Roland tr-808. A wobreg's fashion sense varies rapidly but they can usually be identified by a flat-peaked baseball cap worn at at least 45 degrees to their head, a zip-up hoodie with the strings tied in a bow and sometimes a heavy-metal band t-shirt.

The word was originally used as an abbreviation to describe regulars to the Bristol Dubstep night, Wobble at Thekla.
Man - Thekla tonight?

Man 2 - Nah, too many Wobregs.
by A. Wasteman October 24, 2011
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A flourishing new subculture readily observable in Bristol and rapidly throughout the United Kingdom. Characterised instantly by flat-peaked caps worn at a ludacrisly jaunty angle to comic effect, boatman shoes (worn without socks) and slim fitting hooded sportswear. Musically interested in "filthy" dubstep and anything else with an incomprehensible (sick) bassline. They are noted to frequent the dubstep night Wobble held at Thekla with almost religious dedication, regularly attending en mass. It is this facet of the subculture from which the term Wobreg derives.
Thekla Staff 1: Oh look there's a flat-peaked cap left behind down by the bar...

Thekla Staff 2: Oh so there is, it must belong to one of the Wobregs, i'll take it upstairs for them to collect next Tuesday.
by C.Sick.Boatmans October 27, 2011
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