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What you say in the presence of a predator.
The predator typically being a drunken horndog that is determined not to leave the party alone.. will hit on anything and everything with tits. His intoxication will lead to ALOT of rejections, his failed efforts will be noticed by many. the girl he leaves with will be made mockery of. it is best to avoid the bear.
Sara: Omg did you see Josh????
Laura: Yeah mayne hes wasted. Hes hitting on the girl thats been walking around for the last three hours with her dress stuck in her undies.
Sara:Yeah, ii heard He asked Tara to drag him out back and she threw her drink at hi.. OMG he just winked at me.. and hes coming this way!

Laura: Woah, Bear! lets get out of here...
by Porcelain. January 13, 2011
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