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Wizzfizzler (noun or title). A non-sensicle word gaining in popularity. Often used as a humorous label for a curiously creative person adept at fiddling with, tinkering with or exploring a new discovery or idea, or the combining of multiple discoveries or ideas into something new until his or her interest wanes or "fizzles out."

One who's playful and curious exploration often pushes the boundaries on contemporary thought until the exploration is no longer new to him or her, at which point he or she abandons it. The new concept is either lost or becomes ripe for popular culture and trending.

A creative person with a free and curious mind often finding inroads to new thought via humor.

A creative person who's methods of design border on provocation or innuendo, and who has no moral verbal filter. This person's very expression forces others to think and feel in ways they are not ready for.

One who creates then often forgets his creations because he or she is so engrossed in a new creation no matter how big or small.

Socially: a very likable person who inspires positive change but then walks away when he or she gets bored.
Every fad has been inspired by a Wizzfizzler of some kind or another.

We're getting nowhere fast in this brainstorming session, better bring in the Wizzfizzler.

I'm inspired and embarrassed at the same time, so I think I've just been wizzfizzled by the Wizzfizzler!
by MongrelMe February 20, 2018
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