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Witty profiles can be extremely addicting.

Obsession will occur.

School work will be put off until every single quote

on the top quotes list is read.

Witty profiles will know more about you than your friends

and family do, and you will pour every single thought into

your quotes.

You will always keep a notepad or something to r e c o r d your

quotes in so you don’t forget them.

Witty profiles will pretty much be your LIFE. <3
Witty Profiler: Dude have you heard of witty profiles?
Person: No?.?
Witty Profiler. o.O!
by Lovetwolovetwolive December 07, 2010
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1. Where self confidence goes to die.

2. A website which would be really good, except for the people. The so-called 'witty profilers' or 'wittians' hate anyone born after 1996, because apparently (according to a 'witty girl') a 90's kid is between 1986-1996.

3. A website, where people WILL judge you unless you're not popular. If you are, you'll have stupid suck-ups favouriting all of your quotes, following you and standing up for you. However, you will have a gang of haters who want your top-quote status.

4. A website where, as soon as a boy joins and posts something like 'hi, i am a boy' he gets 599495673 faves. But a girl could join, post quotes WORTH reading, and get 1 fave.
1. Omg, she's not popular, let's try and get her off Witty Profiles by leaving mean comments!

2. Omg, you aren't a 90's kid, we all hate you!

3. Omg, you're popular, I LOVE YOU! FOLLOW MEEEE!!!

4. Omg, your'e a boy, I'll act like I'm not desperate but I'll fave+follow until you like me!
by Harsh Reality. February 17, 2012
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