Any list of performance parts stickers put down the door of a ricer's car. Usually, the car contains no parts by those manufacturers whatsoever, the stickers were just ordered from Ebay.

Also known as a Christmas List.
Check out Pedro's Civic... Big ass wing, stupid neon underneath, and his wish list down both doors.
by $100T2 September 17, 2009
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One who e-shops but only adds the item to their wish list instead of their shopping cart.

This is done more often when alone and poor.

Similar to window shopping.

Other usages of the term include Wish Lister, Wish Listing, and Wish List Shopper.
Betty: Hey Sally, we're going out tonight wanna come?

Sally: Sounds like fun but I'm broke so I'm just gonna stay home and do some wish list shopping
by distraction_camp October 10, 2009
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Phrase derived from a common online shopping option, but now used in colloquial speech to indicate that a requested action or item is beyond the pale and will not be honored. Often accompanied by a W hand-sign formed by an angled linking of two L's using the thumb and pointer finger.
You want to borrow my first edition copy of Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man? Yo, put it on your wish list.
by shakenspear June 15, 2020
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