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Someone who makes snide, often rude comments, smart-arse questions, and criticism towards certain thing, with the use of excessive sarcasm. Mostly found over the internet, and similar to that of a Smart-Aleck. Wisefucks will always criticize the smallest flaws or mistakes at a specific thing at an attempt to act like an intellectual being. This being said, they're mostly in their teen years; Important because most wisefucks are immature and have an unnecessary sense of "invincibility" for an unnecessary sense of accomplishment of something small and unmeaningful. And yes, we've all had that childhood experience where we do feel "invincible" or just really cocky about something we have achieved. Overall, wisefucks are not nice people and are most likely socially inept, as well as insecure. Wisefucks feel the need to spew out their anger and emotions throughout the internet, constantly using vulgar language to bash and humiliate, and to have a feeling of self gratification and accomplishment. The internet is the only place they feel invincible and "smart."

Oh yeah. They will often use the word "Wow" as a beginning of their sentence, and will often try to seize an opportunity to belittle you. Yes because that implies how amazed (and buttflustered) they are over that certain small mistake.

If you ever encounter one, my suggestion is to just exploit their insecurities and ignore what they say.
Real life -

Guy 1: Hello there! May ask where this Walker St. is?

Wisefuck: Wow. First of all, use your brain and get the terms right. It's Walker Boulevard you fucking idiot. Can you not fucking read you illiterate cunt? Good god, I hope you don't breed in life.

Guy 1: Geez wisefuck, gimme a break.

Over the internet -

Guy 1: Hey man want to go to wendy's?

Guy 1's friend: Sure

Wisefuck: Umm, wow. When you're referring to a name of a certain, you're supposed to capitalize the first letter of that name. You must be very good at English. Were you like abused and molested as a child? You are pathetic and idiotic. You can't even properly capitalize a letter. Fuck off the internet and go take English classes.

Guy 1 to his friend: Hahahaha what a wisefuck.

Friend: I know right. He obviously has no friends
by Ahumanbeing April 27, 2013
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