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An insidous, scheming harridan, usually the proud owner of a shrivelled & pustulous, pox-ridden heart. Bloated and tumescent from their own misguided sense of self importance, they will rip their harpy-like claws through anything that isn't their own.

Shiva without the creation half.
Lionel Le Lobotomi: "Mon Dieu! Zat foul faced woman reelie haz eet een for vou, mon amis!"

Ollie Orchitis: "I know, I only suggested we go to the cinema five minutes earlier, she got really shitty and did everything in her power to ruin anything I said, ever."

Lionel Le Lobotomi: "Zut alors! She, az we say een France, is a fukeeng Wischhusen."
by Vitriolic Scorn November 12, 2010
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