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A word used to describe the action of winking and smirking at the same time.
He looked over at me and wirked
by Just-a-Reader--- August 01, 2018
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A culture of internet only jobs has coined the phrase Wirk. Wirk simply means Internet Work.

Internet work is defined by job opportunities that did not exist before the rise of the internet and furthermore the work is likely to be carried out over the internet and payment received for work undertaken via the internet.

Wirk describes both full time and part time internet work. Because of the nature of Wirk and the ability for anyone that has internet connection to earn money from Wirk, it is currently more likely to be a part time occupation than full time.
Paid Online Questionnaires, Content Writing, Search Marketing are all examples of Wirk.
by baronvon July 26, 2009
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this is where one girl hits and then makes love with the same girl
god damn you clarisse! oh my god Clarisse i love kiss me!
by nataashaa January 25, 2005
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