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A shit hole town whose most prominent inhabitants are descendants of it's original founders, and therefore make a very strong case against inbreeding. In fact these people make some of those families from the same gene pool look like astrophysicists. Most original Winthrowupites consider themselves better than anyone else despite the fact that it is rapidly turning ghetto, has a rising heroin problem, and is seeing more and more MS13 members infiltrating this Shit hole By The Sea. Most people are basically programmed follow either youth hockey, youth football or Little League Baseball because they have no other meaningful purpose in life and think that that their daughters are holding hands with the boys under the skate park ramp.
Oh ya, well I played hockey wanna go at it?

I coach little league, my son is gonna be in the majors.

I grew up on the mean streets of Winthrowup, I can talk shit with the best.
by fightingtiger524 September 08, 2010
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