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It's a blue ribbon school, and total fucking bullshit. Everyone here is too preppy, bratty, and total douche bags (in general). Great teachers I guess... but these pampered assholes don't deserve it. Located in Potomac Maryland. Filled with try hard Asian kids, super skinny swimmers/ runners, gigantic football/ lacrosse players. I would not recommend going to this school. If you're a skater/stoner kind of kid (My kinda crowd), I would definitely NOT go to Churchill. Go to Walter Johnson, theres a shopping mall and shopping center and you can go off campus for a quick session before 5th period ;)
Winston Churchill High School kid: herp derp we're the fucking best, quit snorting marijuana you fucking hippie don't you know that causes leukemia? You think you're cool or something shitbag?

WJ Kid: Shut the fuck up, we're not trying to be cool, we're just tryna get really fuckin blazed now gtfo of my face. Take your polo's, sperrys and ae shit outa here.
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Churchill is a blue ribbon school with a bunch of rich kids who order uber eats in the middle of lunch and a good amount of the students are fake asl. In the morning most of the kids carry around dunkin or Starbucks. The teachers are good (I guess) but it’s not a fun school unless your popular or ur automatically considered weird. There are a lot of lacrosse player, popular girls who are perfect, douche bags, the dedicated Asians, and almost every student is on honor roll. Wootton is the rival school so every where you go and at the games there is a lot tension.
Megan: Can we go to Cabin John?

Emily: Yes, go unlock the Range Rover.
Megan: Ok, I want to get dunkin. What time will we be back at Winston Churchill high school?

Emily: Before lunch.
by Rateraterate March 20, 2019
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