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A feeling of numb emptiness felt by all individuals once they have returned home from their erasmus.

A general lack of interest and commitment in the day to day activities of home life.

An inability to get excited and/or happy over issues which, prior to departure for erasmus, would trigger the above emotions.

Listening to upbeat music first discovered whilst on exchange that now leaves one with a strong sense of nostalgia and general sadness.

Giving up trying to explain to others how special your time away was because the words do not yet exist that would do it justice-
And frankly, They dont even know.


Person 1: "Hey, what's wrong with Clare? She seems so much cooler and more worldly since she came home from her erasmus but sometimes she gets this glazed 'far away' look in her eyes every time I play Austrian house music"

Person 2: "Oh, haven't you heard? She has a severe case of 'Winscho-Withdrawal' "
by D118 September 23, 2012
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