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A mobile operating system for smartphones based on Microsoft's latest PC operating system, Windows 8. Although currently the third most popular mobile operating system behind Android and iOS, Windows Phone 8 (or WP8 for short) is one of the fastest growing operating systems in popularity.

It is fairly different to Android and iOS in layout with "Live Tiles", an integration of app icons and widgets that display information. Most apps either have a black background with white icons/text or vice versa.

Strengths of WP8 include being simple to use, a fairly customisable home (start) screen, integration of Microsoft software (Microsoft office e.t.c...) and Kid's Corner (a feature which allows others {especially kids} to use a WP8 device without gaining access to sensitive apps).

Weaknesses include having weak content stores compared to Android and iOS, the hardware designed to run WP8 lacking in performance in the high-end market and also not being as refined as Android or iOS.

Nokia is the main brand that creates devices to run WP8 (known as Lumias) but Samsung and HTC also make devices. Prices range from around $200 to $900 AUD.
Guy: That phone's weird, what is it?

Girl: It's a Nokia Lumia, it runs Windows Phone 8. I'm still learning how to use it since it's different but I'm learning quick.
by Lumiosity January 05, 2014
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