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Very similar to a douchebag, a window whore is one of those idiots on Nazi Zombies that runs around and steals everybody else's window and takes your kills. They are among the first to be taken by the hordes of the undead and are usually not revived because of their douchebagery

Window Whores are usually only a nuisance for the first few rounds, but they will always be a douchebag for the remainder of the game.
zombitchslaya- yo, kp like tacos, get away from my window or I'll bust a digital cap in yo white @$$

unionjack- just let him be, he'll be dead next round anyway. Those window whores are always the first to go.

kp like tacos- That wasn't very nice, I'm telling my mom on you

zombitchslaya- shut it, window whore

(kp like tacos leaves)

zombitchslaya- and that, is how it's done
by Jack the Weeper January 22, 2011
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