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a halarious person, who know how to have a good time. and is really athletic and is open to all kinds of weird things. can make any funny serious moment funny. doesnt get into many arguement unless with friends cause he doesnt like to fight. and is a smooth talker to the women. and is cool with almost everyone. so pretty much an all around good guy
Winchell is cool
by Winchell J July 31, 2008
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A man over 40, usually head shaven to hide balding hair patterns, who cruises college bars and attempts to sleep with girls half his age. The Winche'll usually parties too hard for his own good, contributing to his 'donut' like figure, hence the Winche'll (donut).
Check out that Winche'll over there, that girl could be his daughter!
by psodomy December 10, 2010
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