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An Individual that is easily fooled by others and doesn’t read small print.

An Individual that says, “Really?” after someone tells something obviously not true only to be greeted with a blank stare and then a very loud laugh.

An individual who tempts further exploitation by others
"Hey that guy over there thinks he just bought a round of drinks but I just took out a mortgage in his name"… "oh my god what a Willy Dart"

Doorman says “free drinks in the strip club” to and individual “Really” replies the individual and skips in to the club. The doormen turn to one another and say what a Willy Dart.

Guy gets mugged at gun point and as the mugger runs of with his wallet he shout for the mugger to return as he forgot to take his phone. Police report states the victim was a stereo typical Willy Dart.
by Polish Pycho Stripper July 19, 2017
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