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Someone that is vertically challenged to the point of being a clinical dwarf. In normal groups these 'people' are regularly the butt of sizist jokes and general banter. They are unsuspecting and are often used as 'little robbers' moving unnoticed through large crowds of people picking pockets and returning the loot to their regular sized leaders à la 'Oliver'. In certain areas of the country, notably Derby, Willmotts are employed by gangs of criminals to undergo tasks such as squeezing through small holes in order to gain entry to properties. In the midget world these 'little robbers' are severely frowned upon, with most midgets preferring to make a living in the circus or in zoo's rather than turning to robbery.
Did you see that girl last night? ...No, why? .... Oh, you might not have noticed her, she's well below your eyeline, I think she stole my wallet! She was such a Willmott
by JWForman November 07, 2010
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