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the act of a male putting a delicious candy (skittles) up a girls anal cavity. After the packing process is complete, the girl then forces the rainbow shower out of her ass into the guys mouth.
Hey blake, your mom and bobby g's mom came over and gave me a willie wonka last night.

Oh really how'd that go for you

It was an experience of a life time....TASTE THE RAINBOW!!
by djddal May 25, 2009
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A Manic Deppressive, Horny, Drunk, Sex Deprived Old man who cant get pussy from a decent woman over the age of 18.
Willie is also the last know Slave owner owning over 300 Leprocon/Black Midget mutts known as the Umpa-Lumpa
Willie Wonka didnt save those damn umpas from Umpa Land, He's Breeding them in The Factory basement. Don't call me a liar ive seen it!
by Big Trigg July 30, 2006
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the trillest nigga out of the Trezz
aka Glenwood Forest. aka the Candyman got what these bitchz want
aka the block bleeder better know as the candyman serving em
I'm the orignal Willie Wonka
aint know body else like
by Wonka November 17, 2004
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