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A high school in the Williamsville Central School District, near Buffalo, in New York.
East is unique in the fact that due to a mistake in the construction of the school, the building lacks any walls, so the classrooms are divied up by cabinets, shower curtains, or stacks of random objects. Sound carries throughout floors. However, most students and teachers agree that it has little impact on how the school runs.

Kids that go here are often well-off and have rich parents, and are mostly white and Asian. The school has a phenomenal music program that draws some students to transfer from North or South to go here.
Another trait of East is the amount of stoners at the school. It's just plain huge. Also, white kids here like to act tough and dress like douchebags and wiggers. For example, "DBlock," a "gang" at the school that claims that wearing green hoodies are their uniform.

East is not particularly big on or known for its sports, but rather for its music program.
Kid A: Hey, where do you go to school?
Kid B: I go to Williamsville East High school.
Kid A: Oh, what's it like?
Kid B: I can't stand some of the kids here, but i'm really into music so it evens out.
by AnonymousKidYouKnowWhatYouDid February 14, 2013
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