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Willard, Missouri is located in Greene County and is about 10 miles outside of Springfield. The town has about 3,500 people and about that many students in the school district grades K-12. The school district consists of a high school built in 2006, a middle school(grades 7-8), an intermediate school(5-6) and 5 elementry schools that are K-4. The town has 1 grocery store called Murfin's Market, a Dollar General, a new library built in 2009, a Sonic Drive-In, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and a few diners. The school district does into neighboring cities such as Ash Grove, Walnut Grove, and Springfield. Many of the people living in the Willard area are Rednecks and farmers. There is also an Aqua center that was completed in 2009. The city is very proud of it's sports team and the mascot is a black and white tiger. The band is a major part of the school and usually has about 250 members. The band is called "The Cutting Edge." There are about 1,500 students in the High School alone. The town has a large Mormon population. Also, a joke that goes around in it's high school is that people from Willard cannot count and is frequently used as excuses for things.

Famous people from the Willard area are Jason Pyrah, B.J. Flores, Lori Endicott, and John Ashcroft.
I drove through Willard, Missouri and couldn't get anything for lunch because all the band kids were out at lunch for band camp and it was an hours wait to get an order of fries from McDonald's.
by frostedcookies9 August 14, 2009
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