A person who has survived a struggle. Some one who has been through large emotional pain but their heart is still loving and strong. Often associated with single parent families as depicted by Kasha's song WildHeart.

Many People around the world will be able to understand and appreciated the meaning of WildHeart. To Fight for the rights to keep your children or to do anything in your power to protect your offspring
by phatriff December 23, 2006
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The process of scouring the streets for dog faeces (or providing your own if possible), putting it in a jiffy bag and mailing it to the object of your hate. A good Wildheart will have many different people sending their items to one person.
I'm gonna Wildheart Sharon Osbourne and get all my cool, hip, trendy friendies to do the same.
by Natae August 22, 2005
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someone really pretty and daring
damn he told his crush that he jerked off to her
by kashitokaru January 14, 2021
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