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A wildabitch is a large amazonian female/thing that is quite often a product of incest. Some traits that are often indicative of wildabitch status are; nappy hair, 5'7"+, skin that could be used as sand paper because it is has so many pimples, thunderthighs so large that the unfortunate collision of them could quite possibly cause a nautral disaster with the chaos that ensues rivaling that of Hurricane Katrina, and a muffin top larger than that of Oprah Winfrey at her most obeese.

To put it parsimoniously, a wildabitch is a generaly unsightly creature that posseses female tratis and organs, yet it is unknown at this point weather or not they are capable of reproduction. For few who have ventured into the lair of a wildabitch on a drunken sexual quest have returned alive.
"Sweet mother of god, did you see that large shemale that just galloped by... that my friend was a wildabitch"
by Fwuffy October 22, 2009
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a fat obbsessed girl that wants to have sexual relations with you and doesnt leave you alone.
"This Wildabitch is crazy!"
by Donk Lavendar April 14, 2009
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