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1. n.
- slang for any of a variety of illegal steroids.
- a steroid that curiosly believes itself to be of Italian descent, but is in fact Polish.
- a performance enhancing substance.
(see: roids; winstrol)

2. n.
- used within the scientific community, refers to the assumed missing evolutionary link between humans and less advanced primates. Term originates with the first of these creatures, which is claimed to have been spotted in New England.
- primate; a gorilla-man.
(see: imbecile; neandertal; idiot)

3. n.
- North American primate, prevalent in the North Eastern United States.
- American chimpanzee, characterized by a grotesquely long, crooked nose.

4. n.
- as good as it gets.
Coach: Look at me, boy; now level. You on wilchinsky/wilchinskies or something?
Lion: No man, I'm just slow.
Coach: Same difference.
by Noitimba Dnilb November 11, 2006
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