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Spam within a chat utilizing random paragraphs copied from Wikipedia.
Bob: Haha, thats great!
Jill: I know right
ObnoxiousSpammer: Wilfrid John Joseph Sheed (born December 27, 1930) is an English-born American novelist and essayist.

He was born in London to Francis "Frank" Sheed and Mary "Maisie" Ward, prominent Catholic converts and publishers (Sheed & Ward) in the UK and the USA in the mid-20th century. Wilfrid Sheed spent his childhood in both England and the United States before attending Oxford University.

His first novel, A Middle Class Education (1961), was based on his experiences at Oxford.
Bob: WTH
Jill: Get out with that Wikispam dude
by MammothWaffle May 22, 2009
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