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A snob who trolls facebook comments for any reference to Wikipedia as a source, always to denounce any fact, however true it might be, merely because it has been sourced to Wikipedia, ignoring the fact that the supercomputer Watson, which cannot be beaten by humans on the television show "Jeopardy," uses Wikipedia, as well as other internet resources, to destroy its human challengers
I commented to the global warming theory-denying Ph.D. that he probably still thought that the Earth is round, and he said I must've read about global warming on Wikipedia, and when I called him a WikiSnob, he called me an idiot and blocked me. flat-earther Galileo-guard de-evolutionary creationist doctorate of cryptometeorological denialism academic Exxon whore
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Academics who feel that anything found in the wikipedia is suspect because it wasn't written by a committe of fat-cat, overpaid, grant-hogging professors whose prusuit of pseudo science is endandering science funding everywhere.
Don: Don't cite the wikipedia in Dr. Patterson's class. He's such a wiki-snob that he will trash everything you have to say.

Ron: He's such a crappy teacher that the only way they can get anyone to sign up for his classes is to put "to be announced" on the instructor line of the schedule.
by james savik March 30, 2008
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