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When one is 100 times more awesome at any game on the Wii or any console, such as Super Smash Bros. or Halo, than any other living creature on earth. This person must be able to beat any person in a one on one in any game, while keeping one arm tied behind their back, hold a grenade in their mouth by the pin without dropping it, and be able to listen to Michael Jackson's Thriller, dancing around on one leg while juggling a newborn infant, a flaming chainsaw covered in battery acid, and a nuclear warhead. After performing all of these pre-game warm-ups, this player will proceed to beat the other person into the ground in any game, but it must be done in less that .05 seconds. If this person cannot meat these pre-requisites, they fail.
Example A: John- "Frank almost got to be proclaimed Wii-leet by the Wii community yesterday, but at the last minute dropped the flaming acid covered chainsaw on the newborn infant."

Example B: Halo Player: "I just got 25 kills and only 2 deaths!" Wii-leet guy walks in room, and his awesomeness just forces the Halo Player to implode then explode resulting in miniature figurines of the Wii-leet player to fall upon the world to all the good little boys and girls.
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