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A white person who acts blacks, but is really a redneck. Seen with UNC hats, dusty facial hair, and driving pimped out Neons with a "snap on tools" logo in the back window. High school graduation tassle hanging from rear view mirror is also common. Outdated rap music such as DMX and the Ruff Ryderz, Nelly, Ja-Rule, etc can often be heard blaring from their "system."
Damn everytime I drive through wal mart parking lot I hear some wiggerneck playing country grammar.

How come all wiggernecks girlfriends have a playboy purse with a menthol hanging out of their mouth?

by marchoniman May 21, 2008
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A person that blends the stylings of a wigger and a redneck. Generally found in the southeastern United States.
Someone with a lowrider truck with a whip antenna...
by Dakota November 29, 2004
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