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A person whos white and lives in the white collar suburbs and talks and atempts to dress "ghetto" but ends up just looking like rappers such as "50cent" and "Nelly". We all know that a the rappers arent "ghetto" i mean they live in beverly hills and upscale Soho(not saying thats wrong but realality, they may have once been ghetto but now they arent.

the true "ghetto" kids live in the inner city, their main diet is McD's, and they wear used clothes.

the true "wiggar" white, rich boy, goes to the finist school in the area, has every item ever made by fubu, treats girls like they are their pimps, call themselfs "pimp" and give themselves rapper nicknames such as "whiteout" or "lil'tee"
IM convo with a wiggar and a normal person:
>>NumBA1Gangsta:Holla wads poppin?
>>NumBA1Gangsta:Home*gurrrl, do chu wan have da hona' of ben mah gurrrl?
<<FlyAwayNow:Speak english
>>NumBA1Gangsta:Don be trippn, iz da oppurrrtunidy of a life time don b scurrd!
<<FlyAwayNow: uh no
>>NumBA1Gangsta: Ur jus sayn dat cuz i be black
<<FlyAwayNow: Rogar, your white you wiggar
>>NumBA1gangsta: don be HATN! u'sa such a hata' dog.
by Ann Putne January 13, 2004
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