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When small lumps of dried feces become stuck to the hairs of the anus and build up to the point where a large lump of feces is cemented to the anus by the hairs.
Shit man, I haven't shat for weeks - I have a huge wig nut.
by Shitmuncher February 04, 2010
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Politically correct version of the words Wigga or Wigger because crackers are not allowed to say words that sound too much like Nigga because it sounds like a disparaging word for "Negro".

Suburban, caucasian males who mimic the styles and trends of inner city crack dealers and pimps.
Yo dat wignut be stuntin' around in mom's tricked out Lexus. Rollin' on dubs, flossin' off daddy's franklins, freestyle flowin', poppin' caps in asses, bangin' low-cut jeans chicks wit no rubbers, he do all dat shit.
by 50 cent crack dealer June 02, 2004
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