When someone gets their head split in two or more pieces.
Machete wielding Mexican gang member 1- Let's go in there and fuck him up ey.
Gang member 2-- Yea do it ey.
Gang member 2-Ese no, he doesn't look like a human being any more, stop it ey. His head is in over six pieces now vato.
Gang member 1- You think so ese? He got his wig split ey?
by Ivan Maskov September 25, 2017
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To get your hair cut. A dope fade.
I'm bout to go get my wig split so I can look clean tonight.
by TheOperator March 19, 2010
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1.) To be impressed or in total awe of an outside stimulus. 2.) To be highly impressed to the point of excitement or elation.
"GOD-DAMN! Did you see that UFO abduct Sally Struthers in a beam of light?! That shit left my wig split!"

"Dude I just saw Tila Tequila get pelted with trash and human fecal matter at the Insane Clown Posse show... Shit split my wig back several times over..."

"Ghandi split my wig... he was a wigsplitter..."
by Nephilim Muse August 10, 2012
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a fancy word for a haircut, or getting ones "wig, split" means having ones hair piece, split.
Yo coolbreeze, I gotta go have my "wig Split" afta work.
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003
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What you say after the act of getting a kill in Call of Duty: Black Ops with a tomahawk.
An unsuspecting victim gets a tomahawk to the head and you then yell, "WIG-SPLIT!"
by Yoda Bon Zelda July 30, 2011
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to take a giant bong toke or to finish smoking a potent form of marijuana. AKA-BKA (KRON)
That SOUR DEISEL shady had last night really had my "WIG SPLIT"...
by shady dickens.... September 10, 2008
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