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This is a game that can only be played by individuals who consume Guinness (or similar pub draughts, such as Murphy's) from a can. Only those who are aware of what the "widget" inside the can is are able to take part in the Widget game.

After the consumption of a pint, pick an opponent to take part in the Widget game. Remove the widget from the can, and have your opponent stand about 20 feet from you with their back turned. the goal is to throw the widget as hard as you can at the person's back. Two throws are permitted. If done correctly, a round, circular mark will begin to appear on their back where the widget hit.

This game is not for a weak individual who cannot withstand a sharp pain.

If you hit your opponent's back with the widget, you score a point. Your opponent then gets two throws at you, and if they hit you, the game continues. The game can continue as long as desired by participants.

Honor, Valor, and Prestige are awarded to the winner.
Instigator: Widget Game?
Opponent: Sure. What's the widget game?
Instigator: The rules are simple. I will explain as we go.
by dcooper5 April 17, 2010
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