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1) American football defensive line formation popularized by former Tennessee Titans and current Philadelphia Eagles coach Jim Washburn.

Formation requires defensive ends to line-up "wide" on the outside shoulder of offensive tackles. Ends also typically lineup in a three-point stance with heads curled to the ground.

This offers line a better angle for rushing the passer, but leaves the interior of the line vulnerable to the inside running game, especially if linebackers are inferior.

2) Rear-entry sexual position in which the recieving partner spreads his or her legs as far as possible, while crouching in a three-point stance, with their back slightly arched, and head curled to the ground.

Requires recieving partner to have great leg strength, and leaves both parnter subject to injury if performed on a non-sturdy surface, such as a water bed.
"The Philadelphia Eagles wide-nine formation has not been successful, due to the horrific play of their linebackers and safeties."

"If you want me to get into a wide-nine, get your ass on the floor. I almost pulled a hamstring trying that shit the last time. You need to get rid of that water bed, anyway."
by Editor, Fed Up Dictionary October 14, 2011
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Wide nines are those wheels(including rims) that mexcians put on their cars and trucks. They are really small but stick out and are wider for more traction.
look at those stupid wide nines
by gooogle bob July 09, 2006
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