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A "Wide Game" is a term used in UK scouting to describe a game that is played over a wide area usually in a field or in the woods. These games are the Scouting equivalent of "busy work" and are typically badly organised, boring as hell and hurriedly put in place by one of the younger leaders because the senior leaders have not taken the time to prepare a proper program.

It'd be more productive and fun to let the scouts have some free time to play football (soccer in the USA) or come up with their own games rather than subject them to this monotony.
Scenario: A typical Scout Camp weekend away, everyone has just eaten and is looking forward to chilling out and having a rest in the evening sun but then suddenly...

Scout Leader: Right scouts, time for a Wide Game. I have a deck of cards and you will each receive a card then you will run around and when you encounter another scout you must show each other your cards and if your card is of the opposite colour and you out rank their card, the highest ranking card must chase the lower ranking card. If you catch them you can claim their card and return it to the scout leader. The team who has captured the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Typical Scout: Skip that sounds over complicated and boring as hell, can't we just play football? (soccer in the USA)

Scout Leader: You are excluded from the game and get to sit by this tree. Everyone else get to it.
by Joost911 July 10, 2013
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