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A term used in place of 'Lol', or 'Laugh Out Loud', in either internet forums or other instances of conversational written communication to express a genuine feeling of mirth or laughter being that the term Lol has become so overused that its meaning has been lost.

The term originated during a thread posted on

(W)ell (I) (a)m (l)aughing (a) (l)ot (s)o (n)ot (s)ure (w)hat (t)o (t)ype (a)ny (m)ore
PheeGee wrote: Back on track: Jade Goody was a twat.

Why So Steve? wrote: You know how when you type ‘lol’ but you’re not necessarily laughing? Well I am laughing a lot so not sure what to type any more!

Nante wrote: Wialalsnswttam?
by Why So Steve? April 03, 2009
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