The first question you ask waiters, hostesses, busboys, at any establishment offering "free Wi-Fi". This is typically done after trying to connect to the network on your own to no avail, Such as: 1) trying to connect without a password. 2) Guessing the password according to the type of establishment (Pizza Place-pizza, free pizza WiFi, password, pizza place password, pizza admin , password1, pizza1 ,admin, wifi) . Typically asked as a last resort, and with much disdain. There goes your James Bond hacker dreams.
Waiter: Hello I will be your server this evening. Do you have any questions about the menu or would you like to hear our specials? Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

You: Whats your WiFi Password?
by Steff-the-chef March 9, 2015
The enchantment table language on the back of the router.
Person 1: Hey bro what's the wifi password?

Person 2: ̇/⋮↸ꖌ∴リᓵ𝙹ᓭ⍑↸ᓭꖌ↸⍑ᓭ𝙹リᓵꖌᓭ⍑↸ꖌᓭ╎ᓭꖌ ̇/𝙹ᒷリ↸ꖌ↸⋮↸ꖌ𝙹↸⍑ᓭ𝙹ᒷリ ̇/!¡∴⚍⎓ᒲᓭo↸⍑ ̇/∴𝙹リ↸ᓭ𝙹4ᓭ⍑ᒷ𝙹↸⍑ᓭꖎ∷リ ̇/𝙹3⍑ ̇/𝙹ᒷ⚍⋮𝙹⚍ᓭʖ𝙹⨅⍑ᓭ𝙹ᔑ⋮ꖌ⋮.

Person 1: ...Nevermind then.
by bruhthisismyhandle August 29, 2021