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A very funny, yet strange search recommendation found on When one types 'why won't my p', Google anticipates you are going to ask 'why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea'. Try it yourself.
Person A: God damn, dude, why the Hell won't my p?

Google: You mean 'Why won't my parakeet eat my diarrhea'? The fuck if I know! Search it anyway, you clueless motherfucker!
by Ocho the Shitface November 10, 2010
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Apparently in the Google search engine, some person(s) had looked up this very question numerous times and this question has a tendency to pop up in Google suggests if you type in "Why Wont".

~The Myth~

It seems that either it was simply something funny to look up while surfing the grand internet, Or some sick twisted individual was actually wondering why his beloved(Or hated) bird would not eat his fully solid stool.

~The facts~

In some cases however, a tame bird will not attain proper nutrition from just its mundane bird seed and will turn to eating its own stool for what nutrients might have been missed out on by its digestive system. It is feasible that human diarrhea contains much more unused nutrients.

Diarrhea is essentially stool not digested to its full potential. Thus only a fraction of the nutrients have been absorbed. Leaving it in the stool itself.

It seems that perhaps some hopeless moron was actually trying to get a house hold bird to eat feces.
by Kazen the cannibal July 11, 2010
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