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A question everyone should be asking themselves every day to help them take actions, instead of blaming others for their present condition or situation.
Asking “Why?” is so simple, yet so difficult because often times, we don’t want to know, or simply deny, the uncomfortable or frightening answer, which would force us out of our comfort zone to take drastic or painful actions, before we can see any improvement in our life.
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by MathPlus October 17, 2018
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An interrogatory word, often rhetorical, often said in a rant of despair, remorse, or depression
Why are you looking up the definition of why, silly person?
by Whyohwhy? February 20, 2005
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A one word question that can make any conversation go on forever. Can continue off of anything somebody says except unless you answer like below:
Person 1: Hey, I'm gonna get some beer.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: Why not?

Person 2: Touché.
by Lets shoot things November 29, 2009
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the perfect way to piss some one off. Can be used to respond to anything whatsoever
Hows it going
cause i wondered
cause i was being nice
by dudeman123 May 03, 2005
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