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Phrase is used when a person undermines another person's authority or feels that he's being bossed around
by Doron March 14, 2005
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Taken from Hebrew slang "as-is".
Usually used to indicate dislike of someone's attitude, intervention, way of behaving, etc.
Client: I don't like the bear in your
lovely restuarant.
Waitor: Why who are you?
What's your #@#$-ing problem?
by Jigal March 10, 2005
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this word is a very common word in the hebrew language
in hebrew it sounds like this:
"lama mi ata"
we use this word whenever we want to tell sombody that we disrespect him and his opinions.
we usually use this word whenever somone gives us orders,and he doesnt have the right to do so.
when you park in a parking lot,and somone asks you to move your car because he usually parks over there,so you tell him "why who are you"...means that you dont care that he usually parks over there,and you dont care he wants you to move.
by galzo July 29, 2005
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