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A person who thinks they know everything or thinks they have a wealth of information/knowledge (i.e. an dictionary or encyclopedia), but actually has very limited information/knowledge whore know-it-all jerk ;

person who thinks they know something but knows nothing punk mark busta;

derived in meaning and spelling by combining the words "whore" and "Brittanica";

also used interchangeably as a joking terse term of endearment when used in context amongst friends or associates. buddy friend ace homey partna
"Man, he always thinks he's got the answer, and is always wrong. He's a straight up Whortannica".

"Oh, you're talking about Mr. Knowitall?". "Yea, I'm talking about lil Whortannica".

"Aye bruh, why you got that tie on man, it's raggedy?!". "Shuddup, don't worry about my tie Whortannica".
by Api Guy April 13, 2012
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