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A situation where a woman is view as a whore who is good for sex only, and not as a girlfriend or wife material.

A good comeback against women who placed you in the 'friend zone'.

Guy A: "I have a huge crush on this girl who lives right nest door to me. So much that I tend to do nice things for her and help her out with her math homeworks - in hoping that she would notice me. But I don't think she feels the same toward me. She is nice to me, but she doesn't flirt or show any kind of romantic interest toward me like she does toward other guys. I think she just friendzone'd me.

Guy B: "bro forget about her, she is likely a whore/slut who whored herself to countless of guys out there (bad boys especially). Forget about her and put her in the 'whore zone'.
whorezone friend zone whore zone women slut
by Guru of Reason November 21, 2012
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