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When a notoriously promiscuous girl decides she is done sleeping around and decides to try to reconcile the evil she has done. This is usually done by adopting religion at a near-fanatic level. Sadly, the girls are stupid enough to think that "God" can fill the void left in them. They then claim to be "born-again virgins". Whoredemptions usually have a low success rate, for the subjects are prone to relapsing instantaneously at any moment. Also, they don't fool anyone, once a whore, always a whore.
A- "Man, you remember back when Brittany used to bring a different guy back to her room each night? Now she's all church-y, what is up with that?"
B- "Oh you didn't hear? She 'found God' and 'He cleansed her' now claims to be a saint that does no evil."
A- "Yeah? She went and got Whoredeemed?"
B- "A dictionary definition of the term. Total Whoredemption.
A- "Shit dude, you think he got rid of her herpes too?"
by Tyraeilthefirst February 14, 2011
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