Phrase used to describe a lack of enthusiasm or a person's complete failure to say something of value.

May be accompanied by the slightly tired waving of ones index finger in small circles.
Frank: "So, I went & bought this brand new car, its a Nova, but its totally awesome, much better than yours."
Bob: "Whoopty fuckin' doo."
by Traize June 24, 2005
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The acknowledgement of a VERY useless situation.

An exclamation of whooptie-woo.
NO, really, blah, blah, blah, bla-fuckin-blah

So, if we pulled out of Iraq. They would own an extremely lrage, and hot desert. I mean, whooptie-fuckin-doo.

Would not be followed by an exclamation point.
by 4mula97 November 14, 2005
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