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A large amount of Air leaving the Vagina while having Sex resulting in extended and multiple female Queefing.
My eyes rolled back in my head having Whoopi Cushion Sex last night.
Here's how to do it...
Step 1: Pump-Her-Up. I prefer doggy style, insert in and completing out with shallow slow thrusts. Depending on how big this bitch is you might need a lot of pumping!

Step 2: Lay her stomach on something solid. Like moving from her knees to flat on the bed.

Step 3: Push into her Deep and feel the Air Fly!

Step 4: Experience the best orgasm ever. It's like having your dick wrapped in a pussy while a spa jet blast your cock.

Step 5: Thank her and tell her we need to do that again!
by cletis! May 31, 2015
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