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1.)To completely freak out over anything at all, ever made.

2.)Also, to consume energy drinks such as monster and redbull,the same way a crackhead would to get "high.".
1.)He totally Whitemounted when the heavy weather came through!

2.)I am low on energy, I need to Whitemountain, like now!
by crazyanonymouscoastie March 23, 2008
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White mountain is when your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to give you a hickey on your neck/chest and begins on an area with a white head pimple. While giving the hickey, the pimple pops and the person sucks in the pimple juices along with creating a hickey.
Luke: Hey man do see the hickey I left on my girl over there?

Mark: Yeah man, Nice!!
Luke: well I did other things than just a hickey. I did the white mountain!!
by July 02, 2016
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