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Hip Hop/Rap star. WhiteBred is a rapper out of Cincinnati. He raps under Break Em Off Entertainment with other Cincinnati rapper King. King & WhiteBred released their first album "Bleeding Hip Hop" in early 09'. They are currently working on their second album hoping to finish in late 09' or early 10'.
Did you see WhiteBred rip that mic up?
by Break Em Off July 25, 2009
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Similar to someone who has been blackbred except where the man is white and the woman is black/hispanic/asian...
You see that interracial couple over there? That black woman appears to have been whitebred by her white boyfriend. Just look at her belly!
by sgfun2002 February 28, 2009
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anything which is stereotypically white. Often referring to an individual brought up in a very white society, or a town that is predominantly white, and typically middle or upper-middle class. Similar to WASP
You're going to brunch? You're such a little white bred fagot.
by munchielunchie February 14, 2011
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