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A page inside a browser that has a predominantly white background and an error message usually in the center.

These are very common on social networking sites, especially involving browser-based games such as those created by Zynga.

The purpose of a White Page of Death is usually to indicate a failure of communication among the client input (you), the main site's server, and the game site's server.

Or, in the case of a social site's own server failure, to inform you that the server is broken and can't find your information.
1. Typical White Page of Death in Facebook: "There are still a few kinks that Facebook and the makers of Pirates: Rule the Caribbean! are trying to mend out..."

2. Typical MySpace White Page of Death:
"Oops! An error has occurred. Please forward this to the MySpace tech team."
by ObscuredOne April 13, 2009
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