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Used in the context of playing video games with others. Can refer to individuals of non-Caucasian origin

Criteria A:
1) Player 1 is clearly going to die with no chance of survival
2) Player 2, in an attempt to show off or BM, goes after Player 1 for an unnecessary finishing move
3) Player 2 FAILS the finishing move and is harmed/killed in the process, losing their advantage due to greed

Criteria B:
1) Player 1 and Player 2 have similar goals
2) Player 2 attempts to sabotage teammate Player 1 by trying to prevent them from getting the goal
3) Player 1 survives and is not harmed at all
4) Player 2 is the one put at a disadvantage due to his attempt
Example A:
"Damn! Why did I have to chase after you? I could have used that extra life for later!"

"It's the White Man's Greed."

Example B:
"What the hell? No fair! How did you not get hit by that?"

"Hah! Those Fire Flowers are mine now, jerk! Don't succumb to the White Man's Greed next time!"
by Lavish Doctor April 02, 2016
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