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1.) An eerie phenomenon in which devices such as gaming consoles, computers, and other electronic devices glitch and/or stop working briefly, periodically, or permanently due to no obvious causes, such as a virus. Patterns may emerge from these happenings as well as unexplained events that happen outside of the device or devices.

2.) A term used to describe sudden, out of the ordinary events that happens mostly with electronic devices such as computers and video game consoles. Such events may even happen to other objects such as brooms, bowls, etc. These events range from getting moved, knocked over, or glitched (Electronic coded devices). Patterns often emerge from such events.
Dylan: My computer opened Word with random text typed into 7 paragraphs about some flu outbreak.

Brennan: Dude, the first letter of the first word in each paragraph spells out I A M D E A D.

Dylan: I blame the White Ditto.
by Ton Ereh Saw Nannerb Ton November 20, 2011
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