The most Amazing Pop Rock band around! Hometown:Chicago suburbs IL. Lead singer-Chris Wallace
Guitar-Sean P Drums-Tim McLaughlin Bass-Ryan Cook

KeyBoard-Ryan McClain. The band Toured

with Warped Tour 09 and many more all within

the same

year (2009) while they might not be well

known now they're sure to blow up soon. Just go on Youtube and look up the song

Candle by them make sure you get the

video the 2009 version.
Girl to boy-hey have you heard of that band from warped?
Boy-which one? 3OH!3?

Girl- No the other one with the really hot lead singer.
Boy-hotter then me?.......
Girl- OH HELL YEA.....I
Boy- well i dont think i want to hear of them them
Girl- god jealous much?
Boy-STFU!!!.....and i think your thinking of the white tie affair...
Girl- YEAH!!!! That's it!!! they are sooo hot and nice too!!
Boy-yeah whatever......
Girl-I'd bang em all
Boy-......I'm leaving now.....
Girl-Jealous Bastard....
by BizzitchYouGottaLove August 6, 2009
hooking up with a male or female at a wedding, typically a bridesmaid, or groomsman,especially when your already have a boyfriend/girlfriend
Matt: Ernesto did you hook up with brianna, one of the bridesmaids?
Ernesto: Hells yeah !
Matt: you dog! quit having white tie affairs or else you're eventually gonna get caught
by pb player July 21, 2008
When you're fucking someone in the ass then pull out and proceed to titty fuck them till you cum on their neck. Leave a brown streak between her tits and a white, cum cobered collar.
I was fucking her in the ass then I pulled out to give her a Brown Neck-Tie, white collar.
by Misfits933 October 5, 2009
The male counterpart of "Pearl necklace" where a man receives cum from themselves or a partner on their chest and neck.
Bounced on my boy's dick for hours until he made me put on a White tie
by Fry August 29, 2017