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When one partner does a handstand and the other partner proceeds to putting a funnel into the rectum of the his/her patner. As the process continues, and the recieving partners anal muscles relax, warm milk is than put into the funnel until full.(Warm milk is used to reduce the shock value of the milk in the intestines.)The partner than begins to fart until all of the milk has been dispensed, therefore creating a White Geyser.
Have you heard of the White Geyser?
by Der Gute Kamerad October 27, 2016
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when a woman who has just had a baby sprays breast milk at you during sex
I had mary in the missonary position last night and when I wasn't looking she gave me a White geyser right In the left eye and its making it hard to read my computer today at work.
by Frank Grimes May 29, 2005
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