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The White Black Handicap Rule is the earliest form of tolerance education, and is usually found in primary schools, but can go as far as highschool. Usually represented in pictures, and more rarely text. Is a passive form of tolerance education in where a situation which would involve a decent number of people ex 3-7, where there is always a white, a black, and a handicapped person (usually in a wheelchair) in the picture, sometimes as cartoonish cardboard cutouts on hallway walls to pictures inside textbooks. Very subtle, and only really noticeable when in an early education center of some sort. It can seem a bit out of place especially in remote areas such as the Canadian north, just below the arctic circle, where one would rarely find a person of african decent.

This rule is also a generalisation, pictures can also include asian's hispanic's etc. This practise of included a large demographic of people could have been the indirect or direct result of civil rights movements and lawsuits.
Ex 1. I opened my highschool agenda to a random page and saw an advertisement about the upcoming provincial elections in Ontario. It showed 3 students conversing about the elections in the school cafeteria line. The furthest from the from the front was a black girl, in the middle was a white guy, and in the front was a person in a wheelchair. Thats the WBHR if I ever saw it.

Ex 2. The White Black Handicap Rule was probably the result of court action, and now schools need to include all ethnicities in its representations of people.

Ex 3.

John: So I went to my little borthers school yesterday to pick him up and boy it that place weird.


John: There were cartoon pictures of people all over the place and they all had a white, a black, and a handicap, every last one

Mike:Oh, thats just the WBHR, guess they had a problem with racist 5 year olds they needed to fix haha.
by Jules5757 October 23, 2011
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